Research into forced labor in the cocoa industry

Research is an important priority for the Chocolonely Foundation. In our efforts to inspire companies and governments to take action, it is important that we use reliable, independent data.


Until now there has been little research into forced labor in the cocoa supply chain in Ghana and Ivory Coast. So, in partnership with the Walk Free Foundation, the Chocolonely Foundation has arranged for Tulane University to conduct research on the subject. The results will be incorporated in the Global Slavery Index published annually by the Walk Free Foundation.

Duration 2017-2018

Trigger Action

Our contribution

$ 216,500


  • Walk Free Foundation

    The Walk Free Foundation adopts a multifaceted approach to engaging stakeholders to drive change and build awareness around the complex and often hidden nature of modern slavery.

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  • Tulane University

    Tulane University is an American university that conducts many research studies into child labor in the cocoa industry.

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