Social entrepreneurship vocational education

The Chocolonely Foundation’s second pillar of action is to inspire people of all ages to take a stand against inequality in the chocolate industry and help create a better world.


One way to do this is to set up a business with a social mission. Together with MasterPeace and a group of social entrepreneurs, we are running a pilot that helps young people in secondary vocational education gain experience in social enterprise. Teachers and students at Albeda College in Rotterdam and Koning Willem 1 College in Den Bosch are participating in the project, which is investigating how the principles of social entrepreneurship can be feasibly applied in secondary vocational education.

Duration 2017-2018

Create Awareness

Our contribution

€ 50,000


  • Masterpeace

    MasterPeace is a young, positive international peace movement. Rather than focusing on our differences, our members look for what unites us, realizing that dialogue is essential if we want to better understand each other.

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