Ghana Food Movement

The Ghana Food Movement Kitchen will be a unique meeting & learning space with programs to build a thriving, sustainable and culturally appropriate food and hospitality industry in Ghana and help young talents advance their food careers and businesses.


This Ghana Food Movement facility will propel forward the agenda to build sustainable food systems in Ghana. It will also serve as a space and catalyst for change and improvement in the food system from end to end. The space will also be the starting home for significant projects and products. As a test kitchen and product development space we expect that the kitchen will be a hub for innovation that serves many food systems and industries including the cocoa industry. Through the programs, events, workshops the GFM will through this space excite the youth to work in food and agriculture again, boosting new business ideas and value chains, developing the hospitality sector, embedding cocoa more in the local culture (food decolonisation) and in general educating Ghanaians on their food system and how it impacts them.

Duration 2022-2025
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  • Ghana Food Movement

    GFM is an empowering grassroots member network and agency of innovative and sustainable food and agri stakeholders. We are farmers, chefs, scientists, nutritionist, entrepreneurs and more, all highlighting the potential of Ghanaian food. Our talented team, movers and freelancers are different stakeholders in the food, agri and cultural sector and therefore we come up with a broad scope of innovative contemporary solution to make Ghana’s food system future proof.

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