Our roadmap

A chocolate industry free of child labour and forced labour

To achieve this, we focus on project that fit these 3 pillars:


Build strong cocoa

We want people of all ages to have the opportunity to shape their own future. We believe a decent education, good infrastructure and the ability to make a decent living help make this possible. In this pillar, we concentrate on communities in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire where Tony’s works in partnership with cocoa farming communities.



We want to make everyone aware of the existence of forced labour and child labour in the chocolate industry so they can make conscious choices. In this pillar, we concentrate on fostering awareness, taking the perspective from on-the-ground into consideration by providing a platform for creatives from West Africa.



We want to inspire governments and companies to enact positive change in the cocoa supply chain. To end child labour and forced labour in the cocoa industry, the key players in the industry need to reconfigure their supply chains. In this pillar, our main areas of focus are research, lobbying and giving farmers a louder voice in the supply chain.

How it works

who are we and how we work together

The Foundation

The Chocolonely Foundation shares a name with Tony’s, and a mission too: a 100% slave-free chocolate industry. The Foundation is an independent organisation and its board makes its own decisions. The Foundation supports projects that positively impact the societies in which cocoa farmers work and live. The Chocolonely Foundation supports Tony’s mission by focussing on activities that fall outside the direct cocoa supply chain. It was founded in 2008 when the bright red Tony’s bars started turning a profit. It’s primarily funded by a dedicated 1% of Tony’s annual turnover – and that’s revenue, not just profit! The board meets about 8 times a year to assess project proposals and decide on its long-term strategy.

The Board

Anna Laven
Anna Laven
Head of the board
Liedewij Hentenaar
Liedewij Hentenaar
Syro Ronan Ronda
Syro Ronan Ronda
Geert Waelkens
Geert Waelkens
Board Member
Wouter van Leeuwen
Wouter van Leeuwen
Board member

Project criteria

To qualify, projects must meet the following selection criteria:

  • The project must directly contribute to the advancement of our mission and fall within one of our 3 pillars of action.
  • The approach must be demonstrably effective and/or innovative.
  • The results achieved by the project must be freely available.
  • We concentrate on West Africa, primarily Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.