Education is one of the strongest tools in the struggle against child labor in the cocoa industry.


This is why, in Ghana, the Chocolonely Foundation works in partnership with Edukans and AG Care to improve education in cocoa farming communities. The Edukans Star School Model was developed based on experience and consists of 5 Pillars of Quality Education: 1. A safe learning environment, 2. Effective and enjoyable learning, 3. Motivated and qualified teachers, 4. Competent school management, and 5. Involvement of parents and the community. Through our partnership with Edukans the quality of education in the Suhum region has improved significantly in recent years.

Duration 2014-2018

Strengthen Communities

Our contribution

EUR 86.707


  • Edukans

    Edukans works in developing countries to provide the best possible education for children and young people. This means education in safe schools with good teachers and vocational training that offers job prospects.

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  • AG Care Ghana

    AG Care Ghana is an NGO with considerable experience in setting up and implementing projects supported by the local community.