Training in confectionary, cooking & chocolate making for women

Professional training in confectionary, cooking and chocolate making for disadvantaged young women in Côte d’Ivoire

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

"After finishing my course at Yarani, I have started taking food orders and now I have started selling food products in front of my house. I am the only one selling food products in my area, including chocolate products! I am the only one making chocolate cakes. I can now support my 2 children and myself without depending solely on my husband. I am proud of having set up a business and I love making others happy and satisfied with what I cook. I make the food as if I would eat it myself, I put my heart into it. My sisters see how happy I am, and they want to get into the food business too. Another useful thing I learnt was about migration. I learned how we should pass through the embassies to migrate, and I have already advised several friends on this. To the people who gave me this scholarship, thank you so much and I wish that God returns to you all that you have given to us."

Marie Sonia, Chocolonely Scholar

Duration 2021-2022
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  • Wonder Foundation

    WONDER’s mission is to empower women, girls, and their community through access to quality education and vocational training so they can exit poverty for good. We work with locally led education partners who understand the needs of the women and girls in their communities. They have partnered with Yarani since 2018 and together supported over 2,000 young women. Yarani offers women and girls programmes including basic education, accredited training diplomas in hospitality, short courses and business skills leading to dignified work and sustainable income. They combine high-quality training with mentoring and life skills so women and girls can make informed choices about their future and progress in the hospitality industry

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